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Back in 1972, fresh from University at Kent, Alan embarked on his first full time job. He found himself in the land of Clockwork Orange – literally where the film had partly been filmed – Harlow New Town. A place teeming with teenagers.

His job? He was Deputy Warden of what was then the largest youth centre in Europe – with a membership of several thousand – about 70 part-time staff and a nightly attendance of 400 hundred to a thousand. It had a main hall that could hold nearly a thousand youngsters for gigs and discos, a swimming pool, motor maintenance and woodwork, rooms for classes, pool, table tennis and even a Progressive Rock room complete with liquid wheels and more! It was quite a baptism, especially as the Warden became so stressed that she went on extended leave, and Alan was appointed Acting Warden.

Alan was Acting Warden at Harlow youth club

Alan at HarlowFast forward through time as a youth tutor in West Sussex; R&D youth worker in London’s Covent Garden as it was being redeveloped into an arts community, and onto Ealing in 1975 at the time of punk, reggae and the Southall riots. Then in 1978 Alan moved up to Scotland as the Training and Publications Officer for the section of the Scottish Office charged with developing ‘intermediate treatment’ – an arcane term for working with kids on then edge of becoming career delinquents and criminals.

Throughout this time and since, Alan has continued to work with colleagues throughout Scotland, the UK, and even further afield into Africa and beyond – particularly in generating practical ideas, games and activities for creative work with young people.

Hence the books in this section. Enjoy.

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