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In dividing up these sections on this website it was actually quite difficult to decide which books would fit into each section. It’s rather like the ‘pigeon holes’ people often find themselves being put in. We say this because this section is a good example. Training, research and management are both general ‘activities’ that go on in lots of professions and skills areas – but they also have their own philosophies and ‘borrow’ and ‘nick’ ideas from across those boundaries. We know we do!

So, most of the books which Alan has been involved with in social policy and youth work and even some of the environmental ones have blurred boundaries. The majority of the books Alan has been involved in writing are very practical – full of activities that can be used in a very hands-on way. One day a book is used by a youth worker, the next day by a trainer in the National Health Service and at the weekend by the HR person in a national charity. The same is equally true of those who provide, commission and make use of research – at different times we are all providers and purchasers of services. Alan has sometimes found certain professional groupings more resistant to new ideas and using training activities for teambuilding and developing skills. That’s why many of the books he has compiled in this section are often best used for a mixed audience where personal and professional boundaries can be tested and hopefully enlarged. For instance, Alan has often found himself working with professionals from education, social work, youth and community services, police and health together with tenants and an age range from 15 to 75 – quite a challenge but it can often provide a very positive experience for participants.

Alan DearlingWhile browsing through this section don’t forget that many of the practical games and activities books in the youth work section of this website, which have frequently been used in staff and member training.

Finally here are a few links to organisations that Alan has worked with in these areas of training, research and management.

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