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Youth Africa Experience

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Youth Africa Experience - injecting he ’beauty and diversity’ This book, written by Alan with Denis from Uganda, provides a collection of games and activities as a means of injecting some examples of the ’beauty and diversity’ of African culture into a positive agenda for youth work and multi-cultural education in the UK and beyond. The contents offer you your own personal exploration through African traditions and culture – using games, activities, story-telling, food and recipes and contacts with African-oriented and based organisations.

African classroom

The activities and games described in this book are not for ‘handing out’ to individuals or groups of young people. They are the tools for building creative and constructive relationships with young people across a wide age range.Examples of African youth games

The challenging and thought provoking contents include interactive activities on sensitive issues such as:

  • conflict-resolution in villages;
  • care of the environment and wildlife;
  • poverty, illness and aid programmes;
  • work with orphans and children.

Exploring African cultureAltogether, it is packed full with authentic examples of everyday Africa – games, artwork, folk stories, food, creative activities and the work of a range of agencies trying to make things better for the local communities.

Read a sample from this book:

Youth Africa Experience Youth Africa Experience

Alan Dearling with Denis Kigongo

146 pages

ISBN 1-903855-84-5

£15.95 plus £1.50 p&p

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