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Travelling Daze

Words and images from the UK's new Travellers and festivals, late 1960s to the here and now
Alan Dearling, with Traveller friends
Travelling Daze - Words and images from the UK's new Travellers and festivals, late 1960s to the here and now. Art: David Stooke

A real 'wow, amazing' kind of book. A4 landscape, full colour, around 200 pps packed with over 600 pics, artwork, images and hundreds of tales from the festivals, park-ups, roadsides, sites and conflicts with police.


It's a full-on roller-coaster ride. Good times, bad times and ones in between. Even the contributors are saying: "Can't wait to see it all."
Joe Public
: "It's wicked. It's a corker."


"I absolutely loved site living...you could pull up at any site, anywhere, and within a couple of days you would know who was who." Nicki Turton

Taffthephoto & StonehengeSteve Bubble remembers,"The sheer excitement, anything could happen andoften did."

The year after the Beanfield, Taff the Photo reminisces: "After a few hours stand-off, the police started arresting everybody for obstruction of the highway, despite that it was them that had blocked the road in the first place. This turned into the largest mass arrest in UK history, about 900 I believe."

Margaret Greenfields, remembering helping organise the Festival Welfare Services: "They were great days – we did some fantastic things – and I don't regret a moment."

Travelling Daze - Festival Welfare Services. Pic: Travellerdavefawcett

Alan Dearling has worked with the other contributors over the last four years to gather the contributions in (and write his own). Broadly, 'Travelling Daze' kicks off with the people, places, festivals, and some of the music from the hippy late-'60s through the free festivals of the seventies and early eighties. We meet Wally Hope and Sid Rawle. Read their own words, many of which have never been seen before. Add a spice of punk and some reggae herbs to the mix. Then stir in some road protestors, real mud, and more than a few eco-warriors. Buzz: "Everyone looks after each other. It's just like a massive family...You just can't beat it...You own your own home...I love it. Only way I know really."

Travelling Daze - Taffthephoto - 'Endure, Adapt, Evolve'Along came rave, and with it, plenty of techno-rebels. More new people; more new Travellers. The Travellers were loathed and reviled by Maggie, and successive governments made every attempt to criminalise the travelling life style with Criminal Justice Acts in 1986 and 1994. They failed. Many of the older new Travellers are still sharing their skills, attitude, madness and mayhem. The Tribes are strong. They've mutated and are pretty much flourishing. And they are still with us in the midst of the current festival and party scene.

Years in the living. Now you can share it; in Living Technicolour, the lives and times of many of the UK's most colourful characters.

Travelling Daze Contents

‘Endure, Adapt, Evolve’ (or, Emerge, Mutate, Flourish) A kind of Intro...Alan DearlingWally Hope - Phil Russell

Wally Hope

In the beginning, there was Phil Russell...
Alan Dearling

Keeping Hope alive: Then, now and into our futures. A personal account by Dean Phillips, custodian of the Wally Hope Appreciation Society

Wally in ‘others’ words’. A further excursion into Wally Worlds from Alan

Life with the Convoy: to Stoney Cross and Beyond...Amanda (Gemini)Travelling Daze - Spider by DiceGeaorge - Art: David Stooke

David Stooke: Traveller artist. Includes Green Lane by Reg Desborough, Spider by DiceGeorge and Phil the Beer by Andy Hope.

Festival Welfare Services – the early years: a personal memoir by Margaret Greenfields and Yvonne Doyle

George Firsoff (1944-2004)...Alan Dearling

Life after Newbury...provided by Pete Sheppard

Twice Blessed: Born a Traveller...Ferdia Earle

People are the best part of nature. Painting by Elizabeth AndertonTravelling Daze - Sid Rawle

Sid Rawle

Sid Rawle...compiled by Alan Dearling

Sid’s place in Traveller history...Andy Worthington

Some more observations about Sid...Alan Dearling (with Jeremy Sandford)

The Vision of Albion by Sid Rawle as told to Jeremy Sandford

Memories of travelling days - Nicki Turton

Some memories of travelling days...Nicki Turton

Memories of free festivals and travelling scene...Steve Bubble

A sense of community by Liz

Hawkwind: a few words about the ultimate Traveller band...Alan Dearling

travelling-daze-travelling-bands-sam-wilkinsonYou could live like that...Netty Miles

Taff the Photo – bits of my history

The Levellers: There's only one way of life, And that's your own...Alan Dearling

Travelling Bands: Music and Festivals within new Traveller Culture 1995-2011...Sam Wilkinson

Epilogue: Affinities...Alan Dearling


Stonehenge Free Festival illustration...Gary (Teapot Circus)

Westbury White Horse 1985 illustration...Gary (Teapot Circus)

travelling-daze-whose-heritage-joe-publicMore artwork from David Stooke, Joe Public, Gubby and additional pics by many people, especially Taff the Photo and Traveller Dave Fawcett, and more including those from Chazz Pink; Nigel Ayers; Fiona Earle, Rob Large; Flash Harry; Frank; Carol Waller, Graeme Strike, Matt Smith and other travelling friends.

Alan by Rita Kaisen
Dedicated to all of the UK’s Travellers.
Those who have sadly left us,
those who have found different homes,
and those who are still keeping the faiths.

Travelling DazeTravelling Daze

Words and images from the UK's new Travellers and festivals, late 1960s to the here and now

Alan Dearling, with Traveller friends

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'Tis a big bugger...

isbn: 978-0-9523316-9-8

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