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The Sigil

a novel for the New Age

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The Sigil - a novel for the New Age Jenn is a young woman living in London. On an impulse, she and her boyfriend go on a hitching holiday. It is a story of Jenn trying to come to terms with being single, twenty-something, and still keen to experience a contradictory cocktail of stimulants: cannabis, astral dreaming and achieving a running high, to name but three!


Jeremy Sandford, author of 'Cathy Come Home', commented:

"I read it with great pleasure. I like it very much for its gentleness. It's charming, delightful, tender even. I got involved in Jenn and thought her a lovely character creation. And I thought the ending, which has many reverberations, is excellent."


The Sigil - a novel for the New Age

Alan Dearling

ISBN 0 9523316 16

114 pages

£3.99 plus £1.00 p&p

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