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The practical guide to social welfare research

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The practical guide to social welfare research

“It is a guide that will be of equal assistance to the novice researcher, the commissioner and the practitioner. The authors deal with issues in a comprehensive and intelligent way, from the idea through to analysis and final report.”
Community Care

Research affects every aspect of work within social welfare services. This includes evaluating performance, undertaking service audits, assessing needs, and enabling service users to be consulted and involved. Providers and users should also be actively invited to look at the implications of research reports and studies.

Given that policy makers, managers, fieldworkers, trainers and students have to engage with a wide variety of research outputs, it is crucial they fully understand how research is commissioned and undertaken.

This book can help you to explore and understand:

  • the planning of new research the various mechanisms that help determine the type of research questions posed
  • how the specific focus of a research study is decided
  • how and why specific methods and approaches are adopted
  • how to develop research tools that involve and empower users
  • how models can be employed for testing and comparison purpose
  • show and why the belief systems and backgrounds of researchers influence research findings
  • what checks and fail safe procedures need to be built into a specific programme of research work
  • what skills are required to properly examine and analyse the collected research data how both the dissemination and use of research work is controlled

To guide you through the Research process, the book divides into three distinct but related sections. The first of these, Planning the project, takes you through the entire planning process. Whether undertaking the study yourself, or commissioning the work, it is crucial that you understand and appreciate the issues that arise at the various planning stages. Putting a project together provides a comprehensive review of the different methods that can be applied to answer your particular research questions. The final section, Finishing off the project, covers the critical data evaluation and analysis stages, stressing the importance of theorising. This section concludes by looking at the various ways the resulting study can be presented.

Throughout, the book offers practical advice, worked examples and clearly structured information on the entire research process. Hopefully this book will improve your ability to both undertake and evaluate the worth of research in whatever area of social research you are involved with.

The practical guide to social welfare research The practical guide to social welfare research

Alan Dearling and Douglas Robertson

ISBN 1-898924-93-7

£19.95 plus £2.00 p&p

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