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Another kind of space

creating ecological dwellings and environments

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Another kind of space

At different levels, and for different audiences, this book offers a window into a better world.

It contains a fascinating and inspirational selection of dwellings, living spaces and environments from around the globe. But most of all it offers the personal stories of pioneers, innovators and communities who are seeking to live in greater harmony and awareness with each other and the natural world.

It's a very personal book. It includes a range of divergent lifestyles, homes and 'other ways of living'. Some of the contributions are from internationally famous green architects and people who want to develop and explore technological solutions to environmental spaces. Others are artists, free spirits and nomads who are powerful individualists, seeking new inspiration through communal living, experimentation and sustainable developments. Creating eco-dwellings

" A very good combination of the more adventurous and the more conventional approaches to new ways of sustainable living...it's interesting to see the likes of low impact villages rubbing shoulders with intentional communities, scrap-rafts, eco-tourism, modern nomads and the international green community. "

John Perry, Director of Policy,
Chartered Institute of Housing

Collectively, Another kind of space offers a glimpse at the realities of environmentalism and the eco-dwellings that can become extensions of ourselves and our lifestyles.

Read samples from this book:

Natural Homes

Find out about homes built using healthy and sustainable natural materials at: naturalhomes.org

Their site has a wonderful selection of straw bale, cob, oak and other homes made from natural materials, as featured in this slideshow.

They are also on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/naturalhomes

Another kind of space: creating ecological dwellings and environments Another kind of space

Alan Dearling with Graham Meltzer

£13.99 plus £2.50 p&p UK; p&p actual cost to other countries

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