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Here you will discover some of the words and pictures that just don’t seem to fit in anywhere else.

Well, that’s our excuse!

Alan's memories of Bognor Regis and Sussex from the 1950s and 1960s

Donkey rides on the beach

Alan's memories of Bognor Regis and Sussex from the 1950s and 1960s, which he has written as a contribution to CJ Stone's forthcoming book about the Great British Seaside Holiday. Available in the following pdf file:

PDFfragments from Bognor (pdf 3.6 MB)

Alan went to Bognor Regis Grammar School 1962-67 until it went comprehensive. A few old pics and short memories are available in the following pdf:

PDFour glorious grammar (pdf 886 KB)

Alan has competed in over 70 marathons, even winning a Silver medal in one at Harlow Kind of about Running

Alan has been a running-bore. Running can easily become obsessional. These days that’s rather in the past tense, but he still gets a buzz from jogging and the occasional cycle ride.

If you want to find out a bit more about Alan’s running experiences and running ‘loony’ friends, check out:
Kind of about Running

You can even view him in action in the:
1992 Grizzly - Eye of the Storm video

The Plough Inn - Upton in flood, 2007Upton Blues

Alan travelled down to Upton (under) Severn for the 2007 blues festival. With the floods occurring that very weekend his trip and stay turned into a real adventure. He also witnessed first-hand how GMTV and the BBC 'make' the news! Click the link to read more:

Briefly the Blues

Teignmouth Bay Down but not quite out in Teignmouth

Alan’s home in South Devon for three years earlier in the 2000s.

read more

Pennystone Production

Alan's friend, Miranda Howard-Williams is trying to forge a career in the film industry and is currently working a production assistant on a feature film in London. She used Alan and her mum, Deirdre, to voice over a short film, Head Lines: www.youtube.com/pennystoneproduction

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