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The artists on this page may not be known to you, hence their inclusion.
Mostly a bit leftfield and sometimes challenging, but none the less interesting for offering a bit of 'in yerr face'.

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Videos of Gong, Space Ritual and Son of Dave

Gong, Hillage

Steve Hillage kicks off in fine glissando form at the beginning of a Gong number at the London Forum, 11th Sept 2010.

Gong at the London Forum

With Daevid Allen singing You are I.
Sept 11th 2010.
I love the Alien!

Space Ritual

Space Ritual live at the Forum in London on 11th Sept 2010.

Son of Dave

Son of Dave and a couple of Elvis's and their wives at the Thames Festival, 12th Sept 2010

Son of DavePlus Alan's account and low res. pics of a week away in London and Devon, even including the Prince Charles' rather poor 'Green' garden party.

PDFOne week in September (pdf 740 KB)

Music (and more) videos at: www.youtube.com/user/ardearling

Space Ritual

Endorse-it 2010The 2010 Endorse-it festival was another great time had by all. To look at my words and pics, click on the link.

PDFI Endorse-it 2010 (pdf 518 KB)

You can also read Sam's (Samsimila) review, checkout: http://samsimillia.blogspot.com

The official website is at: www.endorseit.co.uk

The Curst Sons at Endorse-it

One of my favourite bands at the festie were The Mopes: www.myspace.com/themopes

The Peeping Toms were also great, but donít seem to be on the web, but their predecessor band, the Cropdusters do have a site: www.myspace.com/banjohill

And so do the Curst Sons: www.myspace.com/thecurstsons

The late Carol Clerk pictured with the Satellites and Alan Dearling went on to be deputy editor of Melody MakerCarol Clerk - old friend and great rock n' roll writer

Back in the heady days of the punk and reggae revolution I was team leader for youth work in Acton, west London. A young journalist on the Acton Gazette supported our work with youth bands across the borough of Ealing. That was Carol Clerk, whose sad death you reported. We were in thick of it, promoting young outfits like the punk band, The Satellites and reggae masters, Misty in Roots - and Carol was always there amidst the pogoing, gobbing, and rasta sound systems, writing the words and drinking the bottled Guinness - never the draught stuff.

I greatly enjoyed her friendship, shared with her a passion for a rich mix of music, and even went and visited her parents over in Cherry Valley, Belfast. A fiesty lady and an individual voice in the world of rock n' roll.

Carol went on to be deputy editor of Melody Maker, and latterly a major contributor to Uncut magazine and author of a number of rock-related books including ones on the Pogues, Hawkwind and Vintage Tattoos.

Top pic: Carol with Del Gibbs, singer with the Satellites

Middle: with Johnny Pi r squared, bassist with the Satellites

Bottom: with me!

Alan and Sam were both at the same Endorse-it festival Ė but didnít meet Ė at beautiful Oak Farm in Cranborne Chase on the edge of Salisbury Plain. It's a really special and memorable festival.

Read more and see some of their pics in this pdf:

PDFEndorse-it (pdf 493 KB)


'Strummerville' is building on the life and times of legendary 101er and Clash-man, Joe Strummer. It's providing stages, rehearsal spaces, recording gear and a band vehicle for new musicians (literally from all over the world). Those that really want to be heard, whatever the genre. Was great at the Endorse it festie.

Check it out: www.strummerville.com

Originally brought up in Nepalese orphanage, Vicky Robson-Capps is a young lady who has her sights set of the heights of the pop/soul world: www.vickyrobsoncapps.com

Tofu Love Frogs are one of the all time great traveller/squat/road protest bands. Think Pogues on speed. Great music with attitude: www.tofulovefrogs.co.uk

Urban Voodoo Machine in concert

Urban Voodoo Machine are awesome live. Bluesy, shades of Tom Waits, a bit of Gypsy and lots of good songs that you immediately knew all your life. Have you ever seen a band with two drummers, one of whom is giant and GREEN? Lots of the buggers — see them if you can, otherwise visit them at: www.theurbanvoodoomachine.com

Alan always loved the Zion Train in all their different incarnations. Deep dub reggae with a zest for changing the world. Change yours with the wibbly wobbly worlds of ZT at: www.wobblyweb.com/zt

Powersteppers livePowersteppers are two ex-members of Zion train and often play with Dubmerge. Dub reggae with some good vocals. Main members of the gang are Colin Powerstepper and the great voice of Molara: www.myspace.com/powerstepper

Attila the Stockbroker should be in charge of the Treasury. He first broke into the punk scene as a poet. But he's more than that. He continues to comment upon social ills, challenge and rant. As he says, making poetry history. Good on him. And he comes from Southwick, near Brighton, where Alan was born! www.attilathestockbroker.com

goodtimes goodtimes: billed as the new acoustic Springsteen, the guy's got some good songs, especially 'Love' (and he's just getting into running, so he must be cool): www.goodtimesgoodtimes.co.uk

Dekay is a real voice of the north London Estate — great words 'give me benefit, yeah, but is it benefiting me' — go listen to the lady:
and: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_byOvCEgAl4

Pre-War Blues and more from Mud in your ear, you can listen to Snakehips and Scratchy

And you can see photos from their performance at the Fleet in Eyemouth in this pdf:

PDFBlues Fest (pdf 289 KB)

Peter Mackie, is a one-off singer/piano player, whose CD Alan organised the recording of by Ivor Johnstone of Soundhire Scotland: www.myspace.com/petergmackie

The Borrowed and Blue site offers one guy's downloads of music — genuinely unusual and eccentric: www.borrowedandbluesongs.blogspot.com

Roldo of the former band Pocklaw Slap (named perhaps after Eyemouth's pathway): www.myspace.com/moliarencanphanycspace

Mook Bahloo (and Shanto), Alan's co-author on the Alternative Australia book: www.oneearth.ws/youtubesmovie.php?vID=430

Alan's mate, Thom the World Poet, and friends, offer a musical ode to Cider!: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQEAfB-zLuQ#watch-main-area

Psybeat is an online psychedelic music community, featuring psytrance festivals, party info and photos, forums, chat rooms, profiles and much more: www.psybeat.com