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Housing and social policy

This isn't going to be a potted lecture on social policy – honest! The aim is simply to place at least some of the publications in a bit of context...

Since the early 1970s, Alan has worked with, and for, an extensive range of academic and professional social policy organisations/institutions. His own appointments have included being Training and Publications officer for Scotland (through what was then the Social Work Services Group of the Scottish Office) and teaching, managing, hands-on working and research in all sorts of areas of operations including:

  • crime and neighbourhoods;
  • social housing management and systems;
  • young people, drugs and offending;
  • training of social workers, youth workers and teachers;
  • housing types, community and eco-issues.

Along the way he has worked with social work and youth agencies with a wonderful array of acronyms such as CCETSW; BYC; NUT/CYWU; NISW; ITRC; NYB; JRF; SCF; NCH; CIH; CML and the BSA to name just a few! We reckon naming that lot is a good quiz question!

No idea why anyone would want to know, but the universities Alan has worked for include the LSE; London Institute of Education; Jordanhill and Moray House Colleges of Eduction (latterly part of universities); Univeristy of Wales, Cardiff; Brunel and Luton universities and Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Alan has worked with a wonderful, diverse range of people – a large number of whom are good mates – rather than just professional colleagues. Alan can honestly claim that Peter Mandelson was his research secretary – way back in the mid-1970s on the British Youth Council Working Party of Youth Unemployment, which Tom Shebeare chaired. He's now Sir Tom Shebbeare, KCVO, Director of Charities to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales… Jeremy Sandford

Other lumineries that Alan has worked closely with, and remained good friends with, include in the social policy worlds: Tim Newburn, Steve Wilcox, Anne Power, Pete Somerville, Howard Williamson (they’re all learned professors) and even Jeremy Sandford who sadly died in 2003 (right), famous for writing Cathy Come Home, Edna the inebriate woman and other works. Alan and Jeremy had been working on a book project together at the time of his death. For more info on Jeremy, check out these two sites:



British Youth Council Working Party

Srangely, Mandy is missing from the pic above. Tom is second from left, and Alan is second from the right, looking cool in his shades!UK Housing Review

Steve Wilcox's mighty tome the annual UK Housing Review is managed by Alan from files to printed book and the website version at:


Many of the other books/reports are available on-line (or at least info about them) at the Chartered Institute of Housing: www.cih.org

And Jospeh Rowntree Foundation: www.jrf.org.uk

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