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'Round Eyemouth - a guide for visitors and locals

Alan Dearling and Oliver Carfrae

This new book is crammed with maps, photos and info about the town of Eyemouth and the surrounding area. It covers both well-known and lesser visited attractions in the area from Alnwick north to Dunbar, and inland areas as far west as Coldstream and Abbey St Bathans. It includes extensive coverage of the Berwickshire coastal path from Berwick to Dowlaw and Fast Castle.

Round Eyemouth - a guide for visitors and locals 152 pages, landscape format with colour cover.

Have a look at the contents and some samples:


PDFcentre of town

PDFcoast path

PDFPaxton House

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Or, read some reviews and find out more about 'Round Eyemouth

Archive videos of Eyemouth and the surrounding area

Flooding at Eyemouth

The River Eye in flood at Eyemouth Harbour.

Creel fishing for Lobsters

Fishing for lobsters from the rocks and the 'Dolly Graham' at Burnmouth.

Sea Food part 1

The Scottish fishing industry, from crofters to herring drifters and trawlers.

Sea Food part 2

The second part of this film details the work of the Scottish fishery board research ship.

Caller Herrin' part 1

Caller Herrin' part 2

More videos of Eyemouth

Eyemouth storms, March 2010

Huge waves breaking over the 'Bantry' at Eyemouth during storms of March 2010.

Dolphin Pipes

Piping at the Dolphin Hotel.


Waves in the bay at Eyemouth, 25th September 2010.

Flemington Inn, Burnmouth

Flemington Inn

Between 1983 and 1988, Alan lived in Lyall Terrace, Upper Burnmouth. He was a regular in the Flemington Inn and for no good reason he remembers had his old video camera with him on one occasion. The quality is a bit naff but you might recognise a few folk you remember including Johnny Poo playing darts! view the video

Flemington Inn, Burnmouth Flemington Inn

Eyemouth is where Alan is currently based. It's rugged, wild, mostly-friendly and very near the locations of lots of battles between the Scots and English!

read more about Eyemouth in this pdf file:PDFEyemouth (pdf 824 KB)

or view our slideshow of the town and surrounding area:

Eyemouth Speaks Out!

The concluding chapter from the research in Eyemouth that Alan (with Oliver and others) compiled for Communities Scotland and Berwickshire Housing Association.

PDF Eyemouth Speaks Out! (pdf 498 KB)

Life in the Fleet

This is Alan and Oliver’s local in Eyemouth. Tucked away in the old town it it really is like entering into another world. East enders has nothing on this place. Come and sample Fleet-enders at play in a couple of photo tales:

PDFA Guinness book of records (pdf 187 KB)

PDFSharia law - Fleet style (pdf 194 KB)

PDFFleet Raki-ed (pdf 742 KB)

PDFFlowerpot Fleet (pdf 194 KB)

PDFBlues Fest (pdf 289 KB)

The Funny Girls Funny Girls

A full-on trannie night out in Blackpool and card sent to Peter Pazzie at the Fleet!

PDFFunny Girls (pdf 446 KB)

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