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Bubbling under...

In this section of the website, we are allowing you a glimpse into the Enabler underbelly. These are projects we are working on; thinking about; those ideas that may (and sometimes may not) metamorphoses into something wonderful. OK then – perhaps not truly wonderful – but at least half way interesting.

So, here are some that you may want to take a look at:

Travelling Daze

Lives and times of new Travellers from the 1970s to the present day

The book is planned for publication in 2012 with paintings and drawings from David Stooke and stories, travelling tales, and photos and other illustrations from a variety of new Travellers and others involved in the travelling scene.

Alternative Netherlands

Tower in the Netherlands

Parents and kids – playing and sharing together!

Amazing activities and great games for creative parents and carers
This is a book that Alan and his friends Deirdre Howard-Williams and Howie Armstrong have planned. It's being discussed with a publisher at the moment, so fingers crossed! Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood has agreed to contribute.