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Book sales help keep Alan and his mates at 'Enabler' in a few beers or ciders, but it is through offering publishing, editorial and writing services that the bills get paid!

And, it is great to feel that we are helping authors and publishers to create interesting and better produced publications, whether in print format or online.

Customers include: individual authors, and largely, not-for-profit organisations, including: the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the Chartered Institute of Housing, the Council for Environmental Education, universities and charities such as Save the Children.

Alan is also a director of both the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society and the Copyright Licensing Agency, and heavily involved with supporting creators in the battlefield that is intellectual property rights and copyright.

The publishing process in the digital age

Getting a book from the ideas stage through to a printed, all-singing and dancing publication in the warehouse (or shed), or online, requires some, or all, of the following stages.

Enabler Publishing Services could help you with all or any of them! Have a think about your own needs.

Increasingly, what we are being asked for by individual authors, is a bespoke, personal service to help them get their material from a typescript; set of computer files; a box of photos; a taped interview, or reminiscences, through to final production in a range of formats.

In particular, authors often lack the knowledge of what to edit and how to edit. Consistency of spellings, use of upper and lower case, accuracy of references and acronyms are among the areas that need special attention. Then there is the scanning of photos, preparation of illustrations and maps, and possibly the creation of an index. These are the 'devils' in the detail, which are all too easy to miss. We can help.

Authors in this way can become their own small, independent publishers. There is a range of what can be created:

  • A bound book that is printed conventionally using a full offset-litho press. This is the best quality process and photos and images look clean, and good quality, when printed on a decent paper such as Chromomat 130 gsm. Usually this sort of book will include a gloss laminate card cover. The content can also be made available online as an ebook. It is up to the client if they want it freely available, or, to charge for access. See, for example, Duncan Torrance's book Desert to Danube online for free. This started life as one of the life-stories from the Second World War, written for the BBC archive. The version here is a much improved, updated edition. See also, samples from Alan Dearling and Oliver Carfrae's 'Round Eyemouth, which is a guide to the history of, and places to visit, in the English and Scottish borderlands from Alnwick north to Dunbar. You can also buy either of these books direct from Enabler Publications.
  • A bound book that is produced in a smaller run using the lower quality digital press process. Not so good for books including good quality photos. Not usually used for books of greater than about a 400 print run. Publications can also be prepared ready for print on demand. This is a service offered by an increasing number of printers, whereby customers pay an upfront fee based on the size of the book (page size, print run) and whether it is monochrome or uses colour. Then, copies can be run off for a per book charge.
  • An ebook that can be read online (on an ordinary PC or laptop) or increasingly, produced in a variety of formats such as pdf, epub, mobi, for reading on the diverse range of ebook readers (Kindle; Sony; I-Pad).
  • Out of print books can be given a new lease of life online in a range of formats for viewing on computer screens or ebook readers (again, such as Kindle; Sony and I-Pad). This is a new opportunity for existing authors who have gained their 'rights reversion' from publishers, and who want to see their publication back in the public arena. We have done this with Fiona Earle and friends', A Time to Travel? which is available for purchase as a graphical ebook on a CD, which is facsimile version of the original book, complete with photos and illustrations, in pdf format.
  • A blog-style, online book, which is produced for viewing online, such as Alan Dearling's tales from the world of music festivals 1969-2001, Not only but also. And his memories from growing up in Bognor Regis in the 1960s, Fragments from early years in Sussex (mostly in Bognor). There are lots more examples linked from the Music, Traveller, Turkey and Odds and Sods pages of this site.

The opportunities for creative publishing are much greater with the advent of desktop and online publishing. But, it is still very much the case that good publications do not just happen. They require skilled editing, use of desktop publishing layout know-how, plus a fair dose of TLC!

Do contact us, if you think we can help you turn your dream publication into a reality, or bring back an out of print book from its current graveyard.

Remember too, and at your peril, the old adage:

Garbage in, garbage out...

Too many would-be author-publishers live to regret not getting experienced publishing support in:

  • Discussing ideas and subjects for potential publications and whether there is indeed a market for their publication(s).
  • Where necessary, setting up contracts with authors and fixing timescales and staged payments.
  • Commissioning artists, illustrators, designers and photographers.
  • Undertaking, or commissioning, any necessary research, interviews and writing.
  • Copy editing, which is the first, detailed edit. It is the stage that establishes the 'house rules' for a publication, dealing with issues of consistency of spellings; use of upper and lower case; punctuation; referencing style and is used to spot major and minor discrepancies in the actual text. These can include the organisation of chapters; use of copyright materials without permissions; poor quality photos/illustrations etc.
  • Typesetting and graphic design.
  • Proof reading is done by staff in tandem with the author, and then the two versions of the proofs are combined to produce the final version for printing.
  • Indexing by the author with support as required.
  • Choosing a printer, getting quotes, managing the printing process and delivery.

Alan has, in past lives, been a publisher with the Scottish Office, Longman, Pitman, the Chartered Institute of Housing and Russell House Publishing. His areas of publishing and writing have included:

  1. Social Work
  2. Youth and Community Work
  3. Education
  4. Crime
  5. Drugs
  6. Housing
  7. Health and medical titles
  8. The counterculture/direct action/protest world
  9. Local and national guides
  10. Personal memoirs

Research and writing

Alan works on a very considerable range of projects, often concurrently. For over 30 years, Alan has worked with over a thousand authors and partner organisations to produce books, reports and other publications. This network of writers and researchers has enabled (hence the name of the company!), Alan, and his colleague, Oliver Carfrae, to work on a very considerable range of projects, often concurrently.

At the time of updating this page, for instance, work is being undertaken on three books for different authors, plus preparatory work on potential new Enabler titles.

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