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The operation is a real split personality

Welcome to Enabler Publications

Firstly, we have been commissioning, writing and editing books for a wide range of UK and International publishers, notably the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the Chartered Institute of Housing, Russell House Publishing and the LSE.

In addition, and the focus of much of this website, we have published some innovative and challenging books focusing on alternative lifestyles, creative work with young people, Travellers, the counter culture, and crime and social work.

Many of the books have celebrated the lives and cultures of people around the world, for example in Australia, Zambia, Uganda and South Africa and across Europe and the United States.

Books that largely fulfil the motto:

Books to Feed the Mind and Spirit

Formed by Alan Dearling, who has written and co-ordinated a lot of the publications, Enabler publications has a number of separate strands of work. It even connects with Alan's involvement on copyright issues at the Authors' Licensing & Collecting Society and the Copyright Licensing Agency. Alan with books To Alan they are strongly connected, but may not seem so to anyone else out there!

Enabler publications and training services have just about come full circle. They started out in Burnmouth, a tiny Scottish Borders fishing village, then on a narrow boat on the canal system, and for twelve years, operating from a small office, affectionately known as 'The Shed' in Lyme Regis, Dorset. From 2003 to 2006 operations continued from the top floor in a Victorian terraced house in Teignmouth, South Devon.

Eyemouth harbour And now they're back in Scotland in the Berwickshire fishing port of Eyemouth at:

45 Haymon's Cove,
TD14 5EG.

Tel/fax: 018907 51222

Email: adearling@aol.com


read more about Eyemouth in this pdf download: PDFEyemouth (pdf 824 KB)